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The current turn around time for new orders and prints is about 1-2 weeks. We try to get your order out as soon as they arrive and are inspected, we thank you for your support and patience!
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 Shipping & Returns


  Prints and posters will be sent out within 5-7 days of the initial order. Upon being shipped, you should receive an email with a Tracking Number to track your order's journey. You can also log into your account to see your order's status and tracking information. Bearing unforeseen circumstances by the United States Post Office (such as weather, transportation issues, etc), your order should arrive in about 3-5 business days. For expedited shipping options, please contact us.

    PRINT SHIPPING:  All prints, regardless of size, will be rolled together with protective paper and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube sealed on both ends with packing tape. These tubes are very resilient and protect your order no matter where it is being sent in the world!

    NOVELTY ITEMS:  For items such as Playing Cards, Calendars, Nose Art Panels, etc... individual shipping costs will vary based on the size of the items. We will always try to fit the items in the smallest box possible with the best amount of protective padding to get the orders to you without any damage.

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  While we mostly cater to customers in the United States, if you're ordering from abroad take note: THERE IS A STANDARD INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COST which will appear when you being the checkout process. No matter if you're from Japan, Mexico, Australia, or the UK, ALL international shipping has the same cost. Delivery times vary by country.
  ALL SALES ARE FINAL! While we try hard to make sure every order that goes out is packaged well enough to withstand the impacts, handling, and other issues that could happen to your order; as soon as it leaves our hands it's at the mercy of the Post Office. Issues with your order will be handled one at a time, and a decision about a refund/redo will be determined based on each claim.

    ORDER DAMAGED: In cases where the print has arrived damaged due to poor order packing or print defects (we inspect every print before they go out to make sure there are no obvious issues in the quality of the items sold on here, but sometimes things may slip past us) please contact us and let us know about your issue. We may ask for a photo (even if from a phone camera, everyone has one!) to be emailed to us to show the damage so we can best decide how to fix the mistake. Refunds are only given if the item is completely damaged because of how we packed the item(s). We can't be held responsible for lost orders due to the Post Office.

    WRONG ORDER: While this is pretty rare, if for some reason you didn't get what you ordered, please contact us and we'll be happy to exchange the order for the correct one. We'll refund some of your order so you can mail the incorrect order back to us.

    ORDER NEVER ARRIVED: As stated earlier, we can't be held responsible for the Post Office losing the order. Please take up the issue with the US Postal Service for more info on filing a claim for lost items.

    DON'T WANT THE ORDER ANYMORE: Sorry, because of the nature of many of these items sold on here, we cannot accept returns nor will we be issuing refunds based on just not wanting the order anymore. Once you place the order, that item is yours. All sales are final! 
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