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'1949 Chrysler Windsor'
This Pinup Photo was added on Tuesday 22 November, 2016. Thumbnail above is Watermarked.
"1949 Chrysler Windsor Convertible Pinup"
- Featuring model Kelsey - © Britt Dietz -

Car: 1949 Chrysler Windsor Convertible
First built in 1939, the Chrysler Windsor series started as a junior model to the larger New Yorker brand. Production continued until 1942 as the automobile companies turned auto factories into war production building tanks, airplanes, and weapons. After the war, the Windsor series went back into production and sales were booming. Multiple versions of the car included several variations of sedans, coupes, and convertibles with a 4-speed manual 114hp engine. In 1949, the Windsor was redesigned to celebrate Chrysler's 25th anniversary. The Windsor line continued production with various redesigns through 1961 when it was official retired.

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Celebrating the golden age of pinups during the 1940s, these classic pinups have been carefully shot and finished to mimic the classic style made famous by artists such as George Petty and Alberto Vargas. Fun and often downright goofy, these pinups portray the girl next door and her adventures through the 1940s. Prints in many different sizes are available!
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