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'United States Army'
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This Pinup Photo was added on Wednesday 02 December, 2015.
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Dietz Dolls Propaganda Pinup Poster Series
"Ready for Action - Thanks to you!"
- Featuring model Kelsey - © Britt Dietz -

Propaganda Pinup Poster series featuring Kelsey and a tribute to the US Army. With the American War machine in full gear battling back the enemy on two fronts in Europe and Japan; vehicles, equipment, and supplies were crucial for their successful push. With the 'sleep dragon' waking up the industrial might of America, thousands upon thousands of tanks, guns, planes, bullets, ships, and so much more were produced every week. If you couldn't be in the war, you could sure help supply those that could with the tools to win it! Kelsey is wearing a modified 82nd Airborne Jump uniform with a 2nd Armored M4 Sherman Tank pulling up the rear. The United States Army was more than just infantry during WW2 in Europe, it was also the armored division, the air force division, artillery division, paratrooper division, and more.

The Propaganda Pinup Poster series are recreation twists on the classic propaganda posters of World War 2 featuring military Pinups. These posters look great printed large sized and framed on any wall!

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