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Dietz Dolls Vintage Pinup Photography
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'More Corsairs for Victory!'
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This Pinup Photo was added on Tuesday 09 September, 2014.
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Warbird Photos Aviation Poster Series
More F4U Corsairs for Victory!
- © Britt Dietz -

First built in 1940, this large Naval fighter coined the 'whistling death' by the Japanese during World War 2 could go over 400mph with a range of just over 1,000 miles. With a powerful 2,000hp engine and huge propeller blades on the front of the Corsair, the Corsair has a unique 'gull' wing design that perfectly balances the need for longer landing gear (for propeller clearance from the ground because the blades are so large) and structural integrity for landing on Aircraft Carriers. Originally, the US Navy wasn't very impressed with the landing capabilities of the Corsair on Aircraft Carriers. They tended to bounce on landing and the wings could stall with sudden acceleration (like when landing). As such, the US Marines were given the majority of the Corsairs for land base use and the RAF purchasing many for their use. Over time, the RAF found ways to make the Corsair work on Aircraft Carriers and shared this information with the Navy who then allowed Corsairs to fully enter US Navy service. From then on the Corsair went to become one of the most iconic Naval fighters of all time. With six .50 Cal Machine Guns in the wings, the 33 foot long 41 foot wide Corsair continued to serve into the Korean War with over 12,500 built.

Introducing a new line of Aviation Posters, done up like World War 2 propaganda posters calling for the production of more aircraft for the war effort! Following the same theme throughout all the posters, all the major American US Military aircraft in the Army Air Force, Navy, and Marines will be covered. From calls for more production to promoting the latest aircraft and recruitment for pilots; these style of posters became a hallmark of the 1940s. This original retro poster designs pay tribute to these posters with authentic fonts, colors, and designs!
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