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'More P-38s for Victory!'
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This Pinup Photo was added on Wednesday 03 September, 2014.
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Warbird Photos Aviation Poster Series
More P-38 Lightnings for Victory!
- © Britt Dietz -

First built in 1939, this twin engined 'fork tailed devil' (the name the Germans gave the P-38) ran on basically two P-40 Allison Engines with turbo superchargers. This 37 foot long 52 foot wide fighter had a range of 1,300 miles and could achieve over 400mph. Standard P-38s carried one 20mm cannon and four .50 cal machine guns all in the nose of the aircraft. It could carry rockets, bombs, or drop tanks on the wings. It was a multi-role aircraft able to bomb targets, dive attack ground targets, provide photo reconnaissance, fight at night, and provide long range escort to bombers with drop tanks. The P-38 was the US Army Air Forces main escort fighter until the P-51 Mustang came into full service. Famous ace Major Richard Bong scored 40 kills in his P-38 Lightning during the war. Over 10,000 were built overall with the last P-38 being retired from the US Air Force in 1949. Other countries continued to operate the P-38 till 1965!

Introducing a new line of Aviation Posters, done up like World War 2 propaganda posters calling for the production of more aircraft for the war effort! Following the same theme throughout all the posters, all the major American US Military aircraft in the Army Air Force, Navy, and Marines will be covered. From calls for more production to promoting the latest aircraft and recruitment for pilots; these style of posters became a hallmark of the 1940s. This original retro poster designs pay tribute to these posters with authentic fonts, colors, and designs!
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