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Dietz Dolls Vintage Pinup Photography
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'Screaming Eagles'
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This Pinup Photo was added on Wednesday 28 August, 2013.
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Dietz Dolls Military Pinup Series
"Screaming Eagles"
- Featuring model Kelsey - © Britt Dietz -

The 101st Airborne Division, better known as the 'Screaming Eagles,' is one of the highest decorated units in the US Military. Having participated in the D-Day landings (via Airborne drops), Operation Market Garden, and the Battle of the Bulge these brave men were thrown into combat deep in enemy territory with only the gear they could carry (and boy did they carry a lot!) when jumping out of a C-47 aircraft. The 101st really has come to fame in recent years due to the very popular HBO TV series 'Band of Brothers' which follows the 101st Airborne through all of World War 2. The 101st Airborne Division is still active to this day.

The Dietz Dolls Military Pinup series celebrates the rich history of the United States Military during World War 2 with the Army, Navy, Army Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Using authentic uniforms and equipment, this series is perfect for the military fan to hang framed on their wall!

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