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Dietz Dolls Vintage Pinup Photography
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'P-38 Lightning -A'
This Pinup Photo was added on Thursday 15 August, 2013. Thumbnail above is Watermarked.
Dietz Dolls Aviation Pinup Series
P-38 Lightning & Ashley
- © Britt Dietz -

Nicknamed the 'Fork Tailed Devil' by the Luftwaffe, the P-38 Lightning was designed after a call went out from the US Army Air Corps for a twin engine interceptor aircraft. The prototype was designed in 1937 and built in 1939 with the first flight being in January. The P-38 is most iconic for serving in the Pacific Theater of World War 2 however it saw service in all theaters being the main long-range fighter for the Army Air Forces until the P-51 Mustang came into the war. Nearly 10,000 P-38s were built during the war but most were destroyed following the end of the war as they were outdated and not needed. There about over 20 P-38s that have survived the war housed in museums around the world with only about 9 in airworthy condition (though they may not fly anymore).

The Dietz Dolls Aviation Pinup Series features World War 2 aircraft (called Warbirds) paired with a pinup model wearing authentic flight clothing to the 1940s era. Available for purchase in all sorts of different sizes including posters!
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