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'Two Beauts (B-17F)'
This Pinup Photo was added on Monday 28 November, 2016. Thumbnail above is Watermarked.
Dietz Dolls Nose Art Pinup Series
"Two Beauts (B-17F)"
- Featuring model Betty - © Britt Dietz -

Aircraft: Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress
Presenting a recreation of a REAL Nose Art from WW2! This pinup is based on a Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress named 'Two Beauts' from the 358th Bombardment Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group. This aircraft is unique as the nose art isn't actually on the nose this time, but rather about half way down the aircraft just above the belly ball turret on the right side. This particular aircraft was declared MIA (missing in action) after a collision with another B-17F in March of 1943. This image is made from various photos put together to replicate the nose art with digital artwork and photomanipulation used to simulate the painted look on the side of a bomber. Colors are best guesses as many of the WW2 nose art photos are black and white. The original WW2 nose art photo was used only as a reference. The background is a photo of unpainted WW2 aircraft skin for panel and rivet texture. The iconic OD Green and Gray paint were digitally painted. All the elements were blended together to appear really painted such as paint textures, colorization, metal surface blending, and more. A photo of the original aircraft is in the bottom right of the image. The original artwork was not censored with a black bar nor the recreation, however to keep it classy the 'AAF Censor' bars were added.

The Dietz Dolls Nose Art Pinup series celebrates the classic pinups that appeared on the sides of World War 2 aircraft. It could be said that nose art was one of the major causes for the boom in pinup popularity, and the timeless image of a pinup gracing the nose of a warplane has become as iconic as the war itself. With the threat of death at every turn, the pilots and crew would use these nose art pinups as their motivation of what's waiting for them back home. These Nose Art Pinups prints in this series are carefully edited to match the same painted texture styles and put on authentic WW2 aircraft, suitable for framing and a perfect gift for those in the service past and present!
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