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'Astro Girl'
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This Pinup Photo was added on Tuesday 22 November, 2016.
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"Astro Girl"
- Featuring model Rachel - © Britt Dietz -

Featuring Rachel in this nod to classic 1950s Pulp Science Fiction. With the Atomic Era on the minds of everyone, Science Fiction took off during the Cold War as the threat of nuclear war loomed over the planet. Space travel through the cosmos, skimpy outerspace outfits (which would not functionally work in real space), laughable looking space martians, and UFOs that looked like frisbees dominated the theater, radio programs, and literature in the 50s. It was terrible time to be an attractive woman in space as you most certainly would be taken by the unseen alien creature. Rachel has, however, decided not to be another damsel in distress and instead armed herself with the latest laser ray gun the fend off any martian threat!

Celebrating the atomic age of pinups during the 1950-60s, these classic pinups have been carefully shot and finished to mimic the classic style made famous in mens magazines and novels of the time. With the fear of atomic war, alien invasion, and the damsel in distress these pulp pinups depicted the pinup in all sorts of crazy situations from battling aliens to riding dinosaurs. Prints in many different sizes are available!
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