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'Mustang Reload'
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This Pinup Photo was added on Sunday 27 November, 2016.
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Dietz Dolls Military Pinup Series
"Mustang Reload"
- Featuring model Victoria - © Britt Dietz -

Featuring model Victoria in this P-51 Mustang themed pinup! Have you ever wondered where the phrase "He went the whole nine yards on that one" came from? No, not football. There's a lot of debate as to when exactly the phrase was started but one widely used explanation has origins from World War 2. In many allied aircraft, long belt linked ammunition was loaded into the aircraft much like Victoria here is holding. She's carrying far less than the 27 feet that make up 9 yards, but the theory behind the phrase goes that the aircraft were loaded with 9 yards worth of ammunition on each machine gun (a P-51 Mustang, for example, had three .50 Caliber machine guns in each wing). So, if a pilot returned from a combat mission having spent all of his ammunition on a particular enemy fighter, he would say "I gave 'em the whole nine yards!"

The Dietz Dolls Military Pinup series celebrates the rich history of the United States Military during World War 2 with the Army, Navy, Army Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Using authentic uniforms and equipment, this series is perfect for the military fan to hang framed on their wall!
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