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'Give us more B-17s'
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This Pinup Photo was added on Sunday 27 November, 2016.
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Dietz Dolls Propaganda Pinup Poster Series
"Give us more B-17's"
- Featuring model Kayla - © Britt Dietz -

Another pinup from the World War 2 Propaganda Pinup Poster series, this time featuring Kayla in a call for more B-17s! Being able to take punishment was an understatement for the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress! How about missing most of a tail and still making it back home? Almost chopped in half? Missing engines? Sometimes even coming home with just one functioning engine? These Flying Fortresses would impress even the most knowledgeable aircraft designer in how well they help up under extreme circumstances and each time they'd bring back the crew of 10 brave men. That's not to say there weren't many loses, there were over 4,700 that were lost during combat missions. But consider that over 12,700 were built and would do anywhere from 25 to 50+ missions during it's tour of duty. The crew consisted of a (from front to back) Bombardier, Navigator, Pilot, Co-Pilot, Top Turret (Mechanic), Radio, Belly Gunner, Left Waist Gunner, Right Waist Gunner, and Tail Gunner. With her Mae West Life Jacket and Chest mounted parachute, Kayla has just returned from one of those missions ready take tackle Nazi Germany again the next round!

The Propaganda Pinup Poster series are recreation twists on the classic propaganda posters of World War 2 featuring military Pinups. These posters look great printed large sized and framed on any wall!
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