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'Mission Debrief'
This Pinup Photo was added on Sunday 30 November, 2014. Thumbnail above is Watermarked.
Dietz Dolls Nose Art Pinup Series
"Mission Debrief"
- Featuring model Kayla - © Britt Dietz -

A special Nose Art and Jacket Art mix featuring Kayla. Here's a pinup that calls on the classic Vargas style pinup that would often adorn the sides of bombers or the backs of bomber jackets during World War 2. This particular WW2 Pinup Art represents the Army Air Force with Kayla and the Consolidated B-24 Liberator heavy bomber. Nose Art and Jacket Art were often very colorful and not only represented the aircraft the person was assigned to, but also what squadron or overall group the person was with.

The Dietz Dolls Nose Art Pinup series celebrates the classic pinups that appeared on the sides of World War 2 aircraft. It could be said that nose art was one of the major causes for the boom in pinup popularity, and the timeless image of a pinup gracing the nose of a warplane has become as iconic as the war itself. With the threat of death at every turn, the pilots and crew would use these nose art pinups as their motivation of what's waiting for them back home. These Nose Art Pinups prints in this series are carefully edited to match the same painted styles, suitable for framing and a perfect gift for those in the service past and present!
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